Market research

We undertake on your behalf preliminary market research, which is essential before you establish
your company in Bulgaria.

We can provide your business with information on trends, consumer habits, and the market’s
financial sizes, along with information regarding direct or indirect competitors and potential
We can also help you locate and staff your business with competent professionals and workers.

Website Design & Construction

We design and implement modern and original web sites, with emphasis on functionality and style,
in order to communicate the business identity of our client to its potential customers

Financial Support

We offer support in the opening of bank accounts for individuals and legal entities,
including the issuance of VISA Electron debit cards and Internet Banking accounts, in
order for you to control your funds from anywhere in the world.
Special advisors in the fields of Financial Markets and Banking offerings can inform you
about available financing products, by analyzing their advantages and disadvantages of
those that are offered by local banking entities.

We can prepare and submit on your behalf business proposals for co-funded European

Real Estate Bulgaria

A foreign national can become a property owner in Bulgaria:

Homes, vilas, apartments and limited property rights (i.e. property to use, property to build etc.)
can be directly purchased by an individual person.
Properties that include the purchase of land must be purchased by a legal entity (i.e. company) that
will must become the owner of the property. Business incorporation is one of the services our
company offers.

Other ways to purchase land in Bulgaria include:
•Establishment of a joint venture with existing local companies
•Establishment of a new company

Acquisition of an existing company, via privatization

Establishment of an investment portfolio
Foreign companies and individuals have the right to open bank accounts in Bulgarian or foreign
currency. Additionally, there is no limitation regarding the extent to which foreigners can own part
of a company. As a principle, the Bulgarian legal system respects foreign investors.
Our company can organize every aspect regarding the purchase and sale of land, with the support
of our partners, including lawyers, accountants, notaries, engineers and surveyors, as well as
specialists in real estate that will provide you with professional support.

We also offer:

• The organization of your trip to Bulgaria.

• Transfer from your hotel to the various areas of interest to inspect the property in question.

• Consulting Services for every aspect of your investment in Bulgaria

• Negotiations to achieve the best possible deal in the purchase or sale of property from
professional negotiators.
• Registration of joint and foreign companies

• Asset Management (if Needed)

• English-speaking tour guide

Customs Operations

We undertake any kind of customs operation for the import and export of goods in
Europe, Asia, Africa, U.S.A., Australia, as well as the deposit, transportation, distribution,
storage, insurance and translocation of your merchandise.

• We offer complete transport and customs processing solutions to and from the country
of origin/destination. We can instantly estimate tariffs, taxes and total cost of transport
and insurance of your merchandise from and to countries abroad (Door / Door).

• We can locate, through our network of partners, the most cost-effective solution for
the transportation and customs processing of your merchandise (CIF, FOB, EXW, DDU,
DDP etc.).

Accounting support

We offer full service accounting and record keeping of all categories. Optimizing the tax burden.
• Tax planning and support.

• Preparation for tax audits.

• Charge and VAT refund.

• Tax returns, VAT returns and VIES for legal entities.

• Agreements and complaints.
The virtual office will give your business a
good professional image.
The advantages of virtual office:
- Registration at  guaranteed
professionalism and development of
your company.
- Professional secretarial services
(reception of calls, messages, forwarding
- Manage your mail.
- Local address and phone numbers.
- Access to the company's conference
room with full technical support and
contribution secretarial and office space
(pay for use).
- Significantly reduce costs.
- Low rates of payment.
A Virtual Office in Petrich, Bulgaria.
Video surveillance,
computers, printers
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